Hi! We might not have met yet, the global crisis and all, but LUCKY for you (and even more so for me) we have a chance to get to know each other very soon! I’m Colin, I’m a class of 20-something who is going to be directing a seriously badass musical called Skeletons in the Closet this year. The show was written by the esteemed and ever-dapper Elliot Lee ’23, and it is slated to be Princeton’s first ever ANIMATED MUSICAL!!! Auditions are going to be done by mail-in video, so you can take as many practices as you want and don’t have to feel that mid-audition terror. We’d love to see lots of old and new faces for the audition videos which are going to be due NEXT THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th, at a loose 9 PM (let that mean what it means to you, and if you need an extension, please just ask, these are stressful times and we’re always happy to be accommodating).
Alrighty then, what should you include in your audition videos??

  1. An introduction – Something a little more than “Hi, my name is”, but you don’t have to spill your whole life story either, whatever a happy medium is for you. This can include something that made you smile this week, your favorite ice cream flavor, a story about yourself, your least favorite Beatles song, a thing that’s really pissing you off these days, whatever it is you feel like! Don’t think too hard about this – we just want to get a feel for your personality and your way of speaking, you are not judged on content at all.
  2. 32 bars of a song of your choice, any style – And if you don’t know what a bar is, that is fine too, just pick a song you like to sing, and sing a minute or so of it, your favorite part. And like it says, any genre, any song you know, as long as you’ve got energy and drive behind what you’re doing, we’re gonna love it. 

And that’s it!
Please send your videos to:

We’ll take about a day or two to watch through all the videos and send out further information. Really looking forward to meeting you all, and if there are any questions about timeline, rehearsal schedules, how to record, musical cuts, the actual plot of the show, or anything else you can think of, don’t hesitate to reach out!

I hope the first week of school’s been great, sending you love, strength, and the best of luck learning how to cook for yourself all of a sudden.
All my smiles,
Colin Vega


It has now become a tradition to have the iconic ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ performed in the fall semester at Princeton and this year is no different! 

If YOU want to take part in this unique and fun project, fill out this interest form by clicking this link. We are looking for all types of creative people including actors, tech, choreographers, design artists and more, and we would be happy to have your creative touch to make this show even more fun and spooky than it already is. Here’s the link one more time and we hope to work with you soon!
Sign up here!

“UNTITLED Devised Musical Theater Project”
Hi all!
Are you looking for a fun, low commitment, collaborative and creative space to make live theater this year? We are starting a very open ended project in collaboration with Princeton University Players and the LCA with the goal of bringing together members of the theater community and the Princeton community at large, in the virtual space. We have no idea what will end up being created from the process, except that we want it to be a mainly “live” virtual performance. We are also hoping that we will focus on the process and people/communities involved, and not think too much about the final “product.” 
There are no auditions, there is no prior theater experience necessary and participants are free to define for themselves how much or in what way they want to be involved. 
We welcome Princeton students of all different interests and perspectives to take part. Relevant interests and passions could include, but are in no way limited to, politics, history, current-events, sociology, visual arts, technology, design, filmmaking, music, composition, dance or theater.
If creating a virtual musical theater piece from scratch with a bunch of other creative Princetonians sounds interesting then please fill out this interest form: 
We can’t wait to get started on this crazy creative journey!
Best, Kate Semmens ’22 and Ed Horan ’22Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at and if you have any questions!