Audition Resources

PUP Audition Process
The PUP audition process varies from show to show at the discretion of the director, but typically the production will want you to prepare 16 bars (around 30-45 seconds) or 32 bars (around 75-90 seconds) of a musical theatre song that showcases your voice for the initial audition. The director may ask you to prepare additional materials, so make sure you always double check what is required at that specific audition. There is no need to stress, we want you to feel comfortable during the audition process and have fun with us!

Audition Song Selection
When picking what song to sing, it is important to pick a song that showcases your voice. For instance, if you are really good at singing low, it’s probably not a good idea to pick a super high song. In addition, it is generally good to pick a song that is in a similar style as the show you’re auditioning for. For example, singing a song from Les Miserables might not be good when auditioning for a modern rock musical. At the same time though, you don’t need to sing a song that is from the show you’re auditioning for.

Sample Audition Songs
If you are having trouble figuring out where to start in your search for an audition song, you can look at the chart below for some of our favorites. These songs are not the end-all-be-all in audition songs, but can hopefully give you a starting point. Perhaps you can look further into the shows that these songs are from if you like the style of a song but not the specific song itself.

SongShowVoice PartStyle
Adelaide’s LamentGuys and DollsLow (originally sung by alto)Comedy
An English TeacherBye Bye BirdieLow (originally sung by an alto)Upbeat, classic
Corner of the SkyPippinHigh (originally sung by tenor)Modern pop
Dead MomBeetlejuiceHigh (originally sung by soprano)Angsty pop-rock
Don’t Wanna Be HereOrdinary DaysMiddle (originally sung by alto)Comedic, upbeat
Heaven on their MindsJesus Christ SuperstarHigh (originally sung by tenor…?)Upbeat rock
The Light in the PiazzaThe Light in the PiazzaHigh (originally sung by a soprano)Dramatic, modern
MonticelloEdgesHigh (originally sung by tenor)Upbeat pop-rock
Proud LadyBaker’s WifeMiddle (originally sung by baritone/tenor)Charactery, comedic
Saturday AloneCalvin BergerMiddle to High (originally sung by mezzo-soprano)Modern, charactery
StarsLes MiserablesLow (originally sung by a bass/baritone)Slow, dramatic
Tonight at 8She Loves MeLow to Middle (originally sung by baritone/tenor)Comedic, upbeat
Ah, MissSweeney ToddMiddle (originally sung by baritone/tenor)Charactery, emotional