PUP Board


Executive Board

President (Outgoing)

TJ Rickey ’24 (he/him)

TJ Rickey is a politics major from Voorhees Township, NJ. In addition to PUP, he does Triangle, sings with the Katzenjammers, and pesters people about how good TV shows made by Vince Gilligan are. Although TJ has usually been a performer, he has also taken up stage managing recently.



Vice President (Outgoing)

Layla Williams ’25 (she/her)

Layla Williams must soon declare English or African American Studies as her major with (planned) certificates in Creative Writing and Theater or Music Theater. Currently, she’s been in/involved in nine shows at Princeton (and, she hopes, many more!). She drinks more coffee than water, listens to showtunes or 2000s hits (there’s no in between), likes to bake, and her favorite color is yellow. And she’s always down to see a night of theatre!



Production Manager

Chloe Webster ’25 (she/her)

Chloe Webster is a sophomore intending to concentrate in Chemistry with certificates in Vocal Performance and Music Theater. She enjoys spending quality time with Jerry Seinfeld.



EDI Board Chair (Outgoing)

Kira Fitzgerald ’24 (she/her)

Kira Fitzgerald is a prospective computer science major pursuing certificates in cognitive science and linguistics. She is from Cleveland Ohio, and is a proud midwesterner! In addition to theater at Princeton she is a Matriculate advising fellow and a member of Rocky College Council. She is a huge pizza fan, and you can always find her dancing around like a weirdo or looking for the best snacks. She is so excited to be a part of the PUP family!!



Business Manager

Lauren Owens ’25 (she/her)

Lauren Owens is a geoscience major with certificates in geoengineering and linguistics. In addition to being on PUP board, she is on the Princeton club swim and swim soccer teams, and is an Outdoor Action leader. Some of her favorite activities include trying to find good running trails in suburban New Jersey, making an irrational obsession with Shrek part of her personality, and smuggling grapes, granola, and yogurt out of the dining halls (in separate containers, not all mixed together).



Technical Director and Co-Historian

John Wallar ’25 (he/him)

John Wallar is a sophomore in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. As part of PUP, John has participated in shows as a sound designer, master electrician, and as a member of the pit. In addition to his work with PUP, John is the Sound Designer for the Princeton Triangle Club and is a percussionist in the Princeton University Orchestra. Outside of the arts, John is an avid sailor and trashy TV show critic.



Special Projects Coordinator

Charlie Roth ’25

Charlie Roth is a prospective SPIA major with certificates in Music Theater and Journalism, and is super excited to be PUP’s Special Projects Coordinator! In addition to PUP, he is involved in Triangle, The Daily Princetonian, and Kesher. He can usually be found telling stupid jokes in a theater or yelling “data” in the ‘Prince’ newsroom.


Publicity Chair (Outgoing)

Callie Zheng ’24 (she/her)

Callie Zheng is a prospective Chemical and Biological Engineering major with certificates in Materials Science and Sustainable Energy. In addition to being the publicity chair of PUP, she is a mentor and board member of the Princeton University Mentoring Program, the Production Manager of Theatre Intime, a researcher in the Datta and Davidson Labs, a front of house manager at the Lewis Center for the Arts, and plays the piano, tennis, and squash (when she isn’t bogged down with literally. so. many. PSETS). She has recently gone on a Netflix binge and is more than happy to share her opinions on Wednesday, Bridgerton, and Emily in Paris.


Managing Board

Assistant Technical Director and Co-Historian

Alex Slisher ’25

Alex Slisher is from Knoxville, TN and is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science and a certificate in Theater. In addition to PUP Board, they are also the lighting designer for Princeton’s Triangle Club. They can be found anywhere snacking, drinking tea, or looking at cute photos of their cats. This is their first year with PUP, and they are looking forward to many more!.



Music Manager

Jenia Marquez ’25

Jenia is a sophomore from New York City concentrating in Linguistics with certificates in Vocal Performance, Conducting, French, and Translation Studies. When not frantically waving her hands in the pit of a PUP show, she can be found performing with the Tigerlilies, the Glee Club, and Trenton Youth Singers, as well as contemplating if anyone really needs a motive or thesis anyway as a Writing Center Fellow. You can usually find her in her natural habitat relishing over the fact she is currently employed so she can feed her growing bubble tea and stuffed animal addictions.


New Works Director (Outgoing)

Aaron Ventresca ’24

Aaron Ventresca is an Economics concentrator with certificates in Finance, Spanish, Theater, and Music Theater. In addition to PUP, Aaron is involved with the Triangle Club and serves as the student choreographer for the Playhouse Choir. Aaron also writes original musicals, his first of which will play this Spring in the Frist Theater April 27 – 29.


Costumes & Props Manager (Outgoing)

Aidan Iacobucci ’25

Aidan Iacobucci is a sophomore history concentrator from Providence, Rhode Island! I am super excited to assist with all of your props and costuming needs for this year. Outside of PUP, I am the Box Office Manager for Theatre Intime, the Volunteer Coordinator for Camp Kesem Princeton, and a Program Leader for El Centro. I love traveling, baking, and hiking. 🙂


Box Office Manager

Gia Musselwhite ’25

Gia Musselwhite is concentrating in the School of Public and International Affairs and pursuing a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning. In addition to working with PUP, she is the production manager of the Princeton Triangle Club, an assistant Features editor for the ‘Prince,’ and a board member at the Pace Center. She is here to have a silly, goofy time and occasionally craft her friends’ likenesses in The Sims 4.



Kat McLaughlin ’25 (she/her)

Kat McLaughlin is considering either a concentration in Classics or EEB, as well as an Environmental Studies certificate. An avid tea and coffee drinker, she loves Criminal Minds, rings, knitting, eyeliner, and rain. At Princeton, she’s also the Tech Director at Theatre Intime and has enjoyed doing workshops at the LCA and doing scenic design for various shows. She’s been working behind the scenes of theatre since 6th grade, and is excited to continue and learn more here. When she’s not cultivating her spotify wrapped, she can be found thinking about picking up running again or watering her plants. (Note on the photo: it’s the Tappan Zee, NOT the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge).


Webmaster (Outgoing)

Brendan Kehoe ’24 (he/him)

Brendan Kehoe is a junior from Connecticut studying Electrical and Computer Engineering with certificates in Linguistics and Robotics and Intelligent Systems. Outside of Stage Managing (and even occasionally acting!), he is an Outdoor Action Leader, helps run Tower Club and Princeton Model Congress, and is involved in a bunch of random things around campus. You can often find him baking snickerdoodles and jamming to Taylor Swift (probably Speak Now).


Social Media Manager

Alison Silldorff ’25 (she/her)

Alison Silldorff is a prospective Computer Science major with possible certificates in Music Theater and Vocal Performance. She loved performing in SOB, and can’t wait to be a part of more projects with PUP. Outside of this group, she is also a part of Theatre Intime board, and a member of the Glee Club and Chamber Choir. Warning: do not ask Alison for her opinions about a movie, for she will literally never stop talking.


Graphics Designer (Outgoing)

Madeleine LeBeau ’24

Madeleine LeBeau is a History Concentrator with certificates in Vocal Performance, Judaic Studies, Music Theater and Theater. In addition to PUP, Madeleine is a Vice President, writer, and cast member of the Triangle Club, President of the Kesher Reform Jewish Community, a member of Playhouse Choir, and Music Director for her a cappella group, Koleinu! She can be found in practice rooms throughout campus working on theater or vocal performances and is looking forward to an amazing PUP season!


Co-Social Chair (Outgoing)

Nica Evans ’24

Nica Evans is a junior in the Sociology Department. She is pursuing certificates in African American Studies and Theatre. She is also a board member of the Princeton Association of Black Women, the Performing Arts Council, and the newly re-activated Black Theatre Collective! Nica has dabbled in all aspects of theatre, but it currently very passionate about writing and directing. When she’s not being a productive Princeton student, which is quite often, you can find her playing the Sims for a lot longer than she should be… Dag Dag!


Co-Social Chair

Sean Kerrigan ’26

Sean Kerrigan is a prospective Computer Science BSE major (with potential certificates in Computational Biology and Theater) from Forest Hills, NY. Aside from PUP, he is also part of Chess Club and Club Baseball, and is on the Princeton Running Club board. If you see him on his phone, he’s either watching Curb or playing chess. Sean’s looking forward to this upcoming year!