PUP Board


Executive Board


Paige Allen

Paige Allen ’21 began her theatrical career at Princeton by stage managing PUP’s Fall 2017 production of Evita, and she hasn’t left PUP since. Concentrating in English with certificates in Theater, Music Theater, and Creative Writing, Paige can be found curled up in corners reading Gothic literature, screlting in a rehearsal studio, or writing angsty poetry in her room. She’s a Libra with an Aquarius moon and a Virgo ascendant; she thinks this matters.



Vice President

Eliyana Abraham

Eliyana Abraham ‘23 is planning on majoring in Psychology with prospective certificates in Music Theater, Teacher Prep, and French. After directing Sex on Broadway in the fall, she jumped into PUP and is super excited to continue being involved! Besides serving on PUP board, Eliyana is a member of Trego Singers, an intern at the LGBT center, and an enthusiastic Wawa customer. If you see her around, feel free to ask about her strong opinions on the Camp Rock duology.



Production Manager

Gabbie Bourla

Gabbie Bourla ’23 is a prospective math major who loves musical theater despite it being completely different from what she studies. In addition to being the production manager of PUP, she is the stage manager for different theater productions, a member of TapCats, and part of the math club. At any given moment, you can probably find her listening to either Queen or showtunes.



Business Manager

Kate Semmens

Kate is a History major, with certificates in Theatre and Music Theatre. She is currently involved in a lot of theater on campus, including co-directing Urinetown this season for PUP, performing in several department shows and being an active member of Cast and Business Team for the Princeton Triangle Club. Kate also spends her time on campus giving Orange Key tours and occasionally writing for the Daily Princetonian. She is very excited to take on the role of Business Manager and become more acquainted with the financial side of theater, especially because she is interested in working in producing and the creative development side of theater in the future.



Technical Director

Regan McCall

Regan McCall is a sophomore in the Operations Research and Financial Engineering program and pursuing certificates in Computer Science and Theatre. She is currently involved in a variety of theatre productions, in addition to being the Comptroller of the Daily Princetonian, a member of the Princeton Triangle Club. If you ever find her staring blankly at her computer, please leave her be, it’s the only sleep she gets. 


Special Projects Manager

Julia Elman

Julia Elman ‘23 is a prospective Geoscience major with intended certificates in Music Theater and Environmental Studies. In addition to performing and being a part of PUP, Julia is also the Co-President of Princeton Against Gun Violence and a member of Finding the Match. Julia is also very mediocre at multiple cliche instruments and has a very concerning caffeine addiction (please get her help).


Publicity Co-Chair: Web

Matthew Weatherhead

Matthew Weatherhead ‘23 is a prospective Psychology major with intended certificates in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science and Music Theatre. When he isn’t being jealous of tenors in musicals (Matthew is a baritone), he can be found still being jealous of tenors in Triangle, the Nassoons and the Princeton University Glee Club. Apart from singing, Matthew is a connoisseur of anything on Netflix and is an aspiring gym bro who loves the show Glee.


Publicity Co-Chair: Print

Violet Gautreau

Violet Gautreau is an English major pursuing certificates in Theatre and Music Theatre. Originally from Chappaqua, NY, she’s also a member of the Triangle Club, the president of the Katzenjammers, and VP of Mathey Executive College Council.


Managing Board

Co-Music Manager

Ed Horan



Co-Music Manager

Halle Mitchell

Halle is a freshman from central Pennsylvania with very little clue of what she wants to do with her life! She really enjoys singing, playing the piano, composing, and acting, and is a member of the Glee Club and the Katzenjammers outside PUP. She is also a big consumer of food and yes, she will most likely eat what you don’t finish. She is hYpEd to be a part of the PUP Board and can’t wait to pester musicians to play in our shows in the years to come!


Graphics Designer

Claire Silberman

Claire Silberman ‘22 is a sophomore from Maryland putting the ‘woo’ in Woody Woo. When not in rehearsal you can find her in the newsroom fawning over em dashes and/or the Oxford comma. She channels Mary Moody of Kurt Vonnegut’s God Bless You Mr. Rosewater in every single role she plays.



Kaelani Burja

Kaelani is a freshman, prospective English major (with certificates in theatre, creative writing, and Latino Studies), and gets lost around campus way too easily. When she is not doing artsy things, she can probably be found swiping people in at Dillon or McGraw, hanging out at the CJL, in the SIFP Office, or FaceTiming her dog, Hojan. Kaelani is also a Princeton Cheerleader, member of Mathey College Council, Matriculate advising fellow, and co-chair on the Princeton Latinos y Amigos board.



Box Office Manager

Maddie Wu



Social Media Manager

Jani Dumapit

As a proud zoomer, social media manager felt like a fitting role for Jani Dumapit. Other than designing pretty Instagram stories, Jani spends her time belting angsty showtunes, making jokes about her height, and taking naps in J-Street. She’s not quite sure how her experience as a prospective Woodrow Wilson School major will help her write that Taylor Swift jukebox musical she’s been dreaming of, but that’s what the next three years are for.


Co-Social Chair

Grace Huegel

Grace Huegel is a member of the Class of 2022 at Princeton University and is currently pursuing a degree in Religion and Music Theatre. 


Co-Social Chair

Reis White

Reis White is a sophomore Linguistics Major with intended certificates in French and Classics. He considers himself a social person, so I guess his position makes sense.



Gaea Lawton

Gaea Lawton ’23 is planning to concentrate in Neuroscience and get a certificate in Musical Theater. After Princeton, she plans on going to law school. If you went looking for her on campus, you will probably find her napping on the Women*s Center bean bags, stealing other people’s rewards points from their purchases at the Wa, attempting to climb various Princeton buildings, or studying in the Forbes dhall – in awe of the unique brilliance and seemingly unending kindness of her friends. She feels incredibly lucky to have found such a supportive and welcoming community in PUP and encourages everyone who has an inkling of an interest in theater to get involved with PUP in one way or another.


Props/Costumes Manager and Assistant Technical Director

Juliette Carbonnier

Juliette will probably major in English, hopefully with certificates in Music Theater, Creative Writing and, perhaps, French. Besides musical theater, she enjoys writing on caffeine, speed reading, drawing, and wearing shoes that are slightly too large (room to grow).