PUP Board


Executive Board


Julia Elman (she/her)

Julia Elman ‘23 is Public and International Affairs student with certificates in Music Theater and Environmental Studies. In addition to performing and being a part of PUP, Julia is also the Co-President of Princeton Against Gun Violence and involved in various climate justice groups on campus. Julia is also quite mediocre at strange celebrity impressions, has a very concerning caffeine addiction, and is always down to discuss Muppets lore.



Vice President

TJ Rickey

TJ Rickey is a sophomore from Voorhees NJ. He is currently rehearsing for the LCA’s production of Hello Girls as well as PUP’s Shrek, in which he will be playing Lord Farquaad. This is his first year on the PUP board. Outside of theatre, TJ is interested in chemistry, politics, and mindlessly scrolling through Reddit or Twitter.



Production Manager

Gabbie Bourla (she/her)

Gabbie Bourla ’23 is a math major with a certificate in computer science. She is very excited to be serving as production manager for the third year! You can usually find her on the production teams of a number of shows during the year while struggling to get all her psets done. She will gladly talk for hours about Queen, movies, and 80s music.



Production Manager

Lauren Owens (she/her)

Lauren Owens ’25 is a prospective astrophysics major and is considering certificates in approximately too many things. In addition to PUP board, she is also on the board of Theater Intime, is on the Princeton club soccer and swim teams, and is an Outdoor Action leader. When she’s not listening to Taylor Swift or wishing she could do more baking in college, she can be found smuggling bags of grapes out of the dining halls.



Business Manager

Kira Fitzgerald (she/her)

Kira Fitzgerald ’24 is a prospective computer science major pursuing certificates in cognitive science and linguistics. She is from Cleveland Ohio, and is a proud midwesterner! In addition to theater at Princeton she is a Matriculate advising fellow and a member of Rocky College Council. She is a huge pizza fan, and you can always find her dancing around like a weirdo or looking for the best snacks. She is so excited to be a part of the PUP family!!



Technical Director

Cecilia Zubler

Cecilia Zubler ’23 is sophomore from Arlington, VA. She is a prospective Politics major with an intended certificate in Computer Science. Besides PUP, she is involved in Triangle Club, The Daily Princetonian, and Princeton Students Against Gerrymandering. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crossword puzzles, and running.


Special Projects Coordinator

Gaea Lawton

Gaea Lawton ’23 is planning to concentrate in Neuroscience and get a certificate in Musical Theater. After Princeton, she plans on going to law school. If you went looking for her on campus, you will probably find her napping on the Women*s Center bean bags, stealing other people’s rewards points from their purchases at the Wa, attempting to climb various Princeton buildings, or studying in the Forbes dhall – in awe of the unique brilliance and seemingly unending kindness of her friends. She feels incredibly lucky to have found such a supportive and welcoming community in PUP and encourages everyone who has an inkling of an interest in theater to get involved with PUP in one way or another.


Publicity Chair

Callie Zheng (she/her)

Callie Zheng ’24 is a prospective Chemical and Biological Engineering major with intended certificates in Materials Science and Sustainable Energy. In addition to being the publicity chair of PUP, she is a mentor and board member of the Princeton University Mentoring Program and plays the piano, tennis, and squash (when she isn’t bogged down with PSETS galore). She is currently obsessed with crochet and has already spent an absurd amount of money at Michaels on yarn.


Managing Board

New Works Director

Jenni Lawson

Jenni Lawson ’23 is a History major pursuing certificates in Theatre, Music Theatre, and Computer Science (so she knows her way around a WordPress;). When she’s not singing and dancing with PUP and Triangle, she enjoys baking, making TikToks, and strumming her lyre like an ancient Greek muse.



Kaelani Burja

Kaelani is a junior, prospective Anthropology major (with certificates in theatre, creative writing, and Latino Studies), and gets lost around campus way too easily. When she is not doing artsy things, she can probably be found swiping people in at Dillon or McGraw, hanging out at the CJL, in the SIFP Office, or FaceTiming her dog, Hojan. Kaelani is also a member of Mathey College Council, Matriculate advising fellow, and co-chair on the Princeton Latinos y Amigos board.


Co-Music Manager

Sharv Dave (he/him)

Sharv Dave ’25 is a prospective Neuroscience major with intended certificates in Instrumental Music Performance and South Asian Studies. Whether it be playing in the pit for Triangle, Indian classical music with Princeton Swara, or rehearsing Sinfonia, Sharv enjoys spending time making music with the Princeton community. When at home, he loves nothing more than to spend time with his rabbit, Panda (pictures always available 🙂 )!


Co-Music Manager

Halle Mitchell

Halle is a junior Music major from central Pennsylvania who has proven the fact that you can switch your major after sophomore year. She really enjoys singing, playing the piano, composing, acting, and music directing. Outside of PUP she is the Music Director of the Katzenjammers and a member of Glee Club, Playhouse Choir, and Triangle. You will probably find her lurking in the pit and flailing her arms for some of the shows this season. But watch out: if you play an instrument, she likely will pester you about playing in a show.


Graphics Designer

Madeleine LeBeau

Madeleine LeBeau (’24) is excited to be the Graphic Designer for PUP this year! In addition to PUP, she is on the Executive Board for the Center of Jewish Life and is a member of Mathey College Council, Glee Club, and the Princeton Opera Company. She intends to concentrate in History, with certificates in Musical Theater, Vocal Performance, and Judaic Studies. She is looking forward to serving on PUP board and being a part of many theatrical performances during her time at Princeton!



Emily Yang

Emily Yang ’25 is a first year prospective Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major from Sylva, North Carolina with (fingers crossed!) certificates in Environmental Studies and Creative Writing. Outside of PUP, she dabbles in stage management, web designs for The Prince, and serves on the Council on Science and Technology’s Student Advisory Board. She enjoys writing poetry, em dashes, and the color blue, and may or may not be one with the bucket hat.



Box Office Manager

Nicabec Casido (she/her)

Nicabec Casido ’23 is a Northern Californian who is a premed Neuroscience major with an intended Linguistics certificate. She was first involved PUP by light designing SOB during her frosh year at Princeton. In theater, she mostly enjoys working backstage either lighting or sound designing for shows. Aside from PUP, she is a member of Theatre Intime and volunteers with Camp Kesem on campus. Outside of school, you can find her voyaging on the Weekend Shopper in search of dried mango from Trader Joe’s or wandering the campus to seek a break from her responsibilities!


Social Media Manager

Alison Silldorff (she/her)

Alison Silldorff ’25 is a prospective Computer Science major with possible certificates in Music Theater and Vocal Performance. She loved performing in SOB, and can’t wait to be a part of more projects with PUP. Outside of this group, she is also a part of Theatre Intime board, and a member of the Glee Club and Chamber Choir. Warning: do not ask Alison for her opinions about a movie, for she will literally never stop talking.


Co-Social Chair

Matthew Weatherhead

Matthew Weatherhead ‘23 is a prospective Psychology major with intended certificates in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science and Music Theatre. When he isn’t being jealous of tenors in musicals (Matthew is a baritone), he can be found still being jealous of tenors in Triangle, the Nassoons and the Princeton University Glee Club. Apart from singing, Matthew is a connoisseur of anything on Netflix and is an aspiring gym bro who loves the show Glee.


Co-Social Chair

Reis White (he/him)

Reis White ’23 is a Linguistics major (I know, it technically exists) with certificates in French and Classics. He is somehow entering his third year of tenure as Social Chair of this organization and is feeling Washed Up.



Chloe Webster (she/her)

Chloe Webster is a first-year intending to concentrate in Chemistry with certificates in Music Performance and Music Theater. When she’s not mastering the web, she enjoys tap dancing, Seinfeld, and exquisite dessert items. She loves her two dogs, Sadie and Boutros Boutros-Ghali.


Costumes & Props Manager

Layla Williams (she/her)

Layla Williams ’25 intends to concentrate in English and hopes she can manage certificates in African American Studies, Creative Writing, and Visual Arts. If she’s not in the theater, she’s working off-screen as a Publicity Co-Chair in Princeton Film Productions and on-screen as a Fall Host for TigerReport. She also makes cookies at Murray-Dodge Cafe (and is open to any flavor suggestions!). Off campus, Layla tries to start at least two days a month with a croissant from Bread Boutique and coffee from Dunkin’.


Assistant Technical Director

Kat McLaughlin (she/her)

Kat McLaughlin ’25 is considering either a concentration in Classics or EEB, as well as an Environmental Studies certificate. An avid tea and coffee drinker, she loves Criminal Minds, rings, knitting, eyeliner, and rain. At Princeton, she’s also the Tech Director at Theatre Intime and has enjoyed doing workshops at the LCA and doing scenic design for various shows. She’s been working behind the scenes of theatre since 6th grade, and is excited to continue and learn more here. When she’s not cultivating her spotify wrapped, she can be found thinking about picking up running again or watering her plants. (Note on the photo: it’s the Tappan Zee, NOT the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge).