Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

About EDI @ PUP

PUP’s EDI Board is comprised of current Princeton students who care deeply about maintaining an inclusive PUP community. Our jobs are to serve as trusted points of contact for you, your cast, and your production team, to provide opinions on important decisions pertaining to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and talk with you about any issues you may be facing, and to ensure that your production process is a positive one for all involved. We are here to support students in making theater that all members of the PUP community can look at with pride. 

PUP’s EDI Board can be reached at pupediboard@gmail.com. Please also feel free to contact any member(s) of PUP’s EDI Board individually with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Sitting EDI Board

[EDI Chair] Julia Elman ‘23  jelman@princeton.edu, pupvicepresident@gmail.com 

Eliyana Abraham ‘23 eliyanaa@princeton.edu, presidentofpup@gmail.com

Kaelani Burja ‘23 kburja@princeton.edu

Matthew Weatherhead ‘23 maaw@princeton.edu 

Reis White ‘23 rowhite@princeton.edu 

Contact and Reporting

PUP EDI Board can also be reached via this anonymous* form, where you can report any misconduct, EDI concerns, or safety concerns you have at any point in time. Please note that all sitting EDI Board members have access to the responses to this form. 

Anonymous Form to Report DCOC Violations/General Concerns 

*Please see the information at the top of the form regarding our commitment to confidentiality and anonymity.

Interested in joining PUP’s EDI Board? 

PUP’s EDI Board accepts applications each winter. EDI Board is open to all members of the PUP community. You do not have to be a member of PUP Board to serve on PUP’s EDI Board. For purposes of retaining student confidentiality, and fostering growth as we do this work, EDI Board members are tenured to EDI Board for the entirety of their Princeton career. In addition, new EDI Board members are accepted each year. If you are passionate about creating an inclusive and equitable theatre community at Princeton, we highly encourage you to get involved with PUP’s EDI Board!

More information will be available next winter on how you can be part of PUP’s EDI Board in 2022!


Below you will find some of the resources that PUP’s EDI Board has consulted in our work previously. You will also find a list of organizations fighting for racial justice to donate to, if you wish to do so.

Organizations to donate to (please note, this is not a comprehensive list, but just a few of the many important organizations working for racial justice):